Corporate Training

Our game events make great team-building exercises. They allow players to experience leadership and experiment with their own management styles. The game presents an immersive and entertaining situation involving crisis management. For example, Urban Nightmare is based around a zombie apocalypse in a fictional US state.

These are some of the reasons why we think that as well as having an enjoyable time, players will experience situations which will help them to become better team members and leaders:

  • Success in the game is often determined by communication and negotiation skills more than game play.
  • Players are part of small teams and they will need to self-organise and become an effective team in order to do well in the game.
  • Teams are organised into a hierarchy and leaders will need to be able to navigate this hierarchy and be aware that their decisions often have a political dimension – just like in the real world.

Although the event is presented as a game, the rules are very light and can be picked up as players play. Experienced facilitators organise and run the game and are available to help anyone who needs a little guidance.

We can adjust games it to fit most numbers of players (a minimum of 10 participants is needed). Games usually last 2-3 hours, but again this can be adjusted to last longer if needed.

Please use the Contact page to talk to us about arranging a game for your organisation.