Crisis Games run social game events for corporate training and education:

  • Players take part in teams
  • Games are played face-to-face on inter-connected boards
  • Simple game mechanics encourage player interaction
  • Facilitators keep everything running smoothly

Our games:

  • Urban Crisis – crisis management in a fictional US state where all is not as it seems. A 3-hour team-building event which encourages players to practice collaboration, communication and negotiation in a fun environment. More information is here or use our contact page for enquiries or bookings.


  • Climate Crisis – can players work together to address the issues of climate change? A 3-hour educational game which uses a scientifically validated computer simulation of global warming to help players understand the difficulties and complexities of implementing climate change policies. More information is here or use our contact page for enquiries or bookings.


  • Other Games – we also run day-long game events open to the public. We don’t have any of these planned at the moment but you can see some of the games we have run in the past on our eventbrite page


Urban Crisis

Our Urban Crisis game presents an immersive and entertaining situation which makes a great team-building event and gets participants interacting right from the start.

The game focuses on crisis management in a fictional US state but with a fun twist to keep everyone engaged. Players must deploy police, emergency services and military resources to keep a lid on brewing unrest while keeping an eye on forthcoming elections for State Governor.

The game can be run for 14-30 participants and will fit in a 3 hour time slot.

Please use our contact page to arrange a game for your organisation.

Climate Crisis

This game is currently in development. It will be demonstrated at the Playful Learning Conference in July 2019 and we look forward to trying it in schools and universities after that.


Our facebook page has regular updates with reports from past games and news about upcoming games:


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Our crisis management game being used for team-building at Cambridge Assessment. Participants had a fun, engaging morning and gained useful experience of collaborating across groups. If you would be ... See more

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