Crisis Games run social game events for corporate training and education:

  • Players take part in teams
  • Simple rules encourage face-to-face player interaction
  • Facilitators keep everything running smoothly

Our games:

  • Urban Crisis – crisis management in a fictional US state on the brink of civil unrest . A 3-hour team-building event which encourages players to practice collaboration, communication and negotiation in a fun environment. More information is here or use our contact page for enquiries or bookings.


  • Climate Crisis – can players work together to address the issues of climate change? A 3-hour educational game which uses a computer simulation of global warming to help players understand the challenge of tackling climate change. More information is here or use our contact page for enquiries or bookings.


  • Other Games – we also run day-long game events open to the public. Take a look at our eventbrite page to see what we have coming up (and the events we have run in the past).


Urban Crisis

Urban Crisis is a team-building event that gets participants interacting right from the start. Players must deal with a catastrophe in a fictional US state. Imagine a typical Hollywood disaster movie.

Participants work together in teams to deploy police, emergency services and the military. They must keep a lid on brewing unrest, while keeping an eye on forthcoming elections for State Governor.

Urban Crisis encourages participants to practice time-management collaboration, communication, and decision-making. The game is run by facilitators who keep everything running smoothly and guide players when needed. The game can be run for 15-30 participants and will fit in a 3 hour time slot.

Please use our contact page to arrange a game for your organisation.

Climate Crisis

Players are part of a team representing one of the world’s major nations or a global corporation. One additional team will also take on the role of the United Nations who are tasked with persuading nations to sign up to climate change commitments. Nations must balance their political priorities and national economy with any commitments they make. Meanwhile, corporations may have the keys to technological solutions to climate change.

The game is intended to illustrate the difficulties that stand in the way of climate change policies in the form of geo-politics, government budgets  and global industry.

Climate Crisis was demonstrated at the Playful Learning Conference in July 2019

We are looking for universities, schools and other institutions to demonstarte the game at. Please get in touch using our contact page if you would like your institution to host a game.



Our facebook page has regular updates on games we run:

2 years ago

Crisis Games

We're on Cambridge Zero Climate Talks today on camfm972 talking about simulating climate change in our Climate Crisis game.Today 4-5pm (BST) @camfm972: bit.ly/30GAp62
We talk to: Darren Green from Crisis Games, Shima Barakat from the Institute for Manufacturing, Cllr Josh Matthews from Cambridge City Council & Chris Sandbrook from the Dept. of Geography University of Cambridge.

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